Sentenses Of Everyday Use

Start taking advantage of the following sentences in your daily life. I have categorized the sentences for your convenience.

A) Paying obeisance

1. Good Morning.

2. Good afternoon.

3. Good evening.

4. Good night.

B) Complimentary

1. Thank you.
2. Thank you so much.
3. So nice of you.
4. I am honored.
5. Nice to see you.
6. Pleased to meet you.
7. The pleasure is mine.
8. See you.
9. Sure.
10. You are welcome.
11. You are most welcome.
12. Welcome.

C) For Home Use

1. Clean the room.

2. Dust the table.

3. Are you kneading the floor?

4. She is chopping the vegetables.

5. The gas is running out.

6. Pay your bills in time.

7. Answer the door.

8. What would you like to have tea or coffee?

9. The food is getting cool.

10. Lay the table,

11. Make the bed.

D) For Office Use

1. How are you?

2. How is the work going on?

3. Have you completed the project?

4. Where is Mr. Sharma?

5. Please meet me after the lunch.

6. Would you please help me out in this project?

7. I provide the best customer care service.

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