Idioms & Phrases

Idioms and phrases are basically group of words with a specific meaning. Each word in the group need not be understood as in totality, the meaning will be different in most of the cases. Nevertheless, any one who learns idioms & phrases definitely stands much higher than his contemporaries. I strongly recommend that you spend some time in learning these and you will get an easy opportunity to impress others as not many would be interested in walking an extra mile to master the art of idioms & phrases. Just see this example. You always say, “I am honest”. Now try saying this: I am above board. Are these two sentences same? Yes, they are. Now have fun. Just ask your friend, “Are you above board?” Chances are very bleak that he will understand this. I bet on it.

You are reading a newspaper and the head line is :-

“Mr. Sharma declared persona non grata by the Govt. of England”

Do you know what the news is all about? This means that one Indian official posted in England was declared unaccepted by the Govt. of England. The reason could be anything. But in such a case, the Govt. of India has to call back that officer and send a substitute whom that country considers fit for that particular job. Interesting. Isn’t it?

Now, here I am giving few very important idioms & phrases; details of which will be explained to you after your enrollment.

Idioms & Phrases

1. With abandon:

2. Abide by:

3. Abound in:

4. Above board:

5. Above criticism:

6. At an arm’s length:

7. At a stretch:

8. Account for:

9. Act up to:

10. Add insult to injury:

11. Admit of:

12. Air one’s opinions:

13. Apple of discord:

14. Apple pie order:

15. At random:

16. At large:

17. Attached to:

18. Attend on:

19. Atone for:

20. Augar well:

21. Back out:

22. To take a back seat:

23. Turn one’s back upon:

24. Back door:

25. Climb on the band wagon:

26. Bear down:

27. Bear out:

28. Beat about the bush:

29. Beat a retreat:

30. Have a bee in one’s bonnet:

31. Beggars description:

32. Bide one’s time:

33. In one’s birthday suit:

34. Blind alley:

35. Blow hot and cold:

36. Once in a blue moon:

37. Blunt the edge of:

38. Brain-wash:

39. Breakdown:

40. Break down:

41. Break out:

42. Break through:

43. Build castles in the air:

44. Eat one’s cake and have it too:

45. Call upon:

46. In camera:

47. Carry away:

48. Cast one’s lot with:

49. Catch napping:

50. In a cavalier manner:

51. Under a cloud:

52. Come up against:

53. Take up cudgels:

54. Cul de sac:

55. Cut somebody to size:

56. Keep somebody in the dark:

57. A dark horse:

58. Reach a deadlock:

59. A raw deal:

60. Give the devil his due:

61. Dog in the manger:

62. Down with:

63. Be down in the dumps:

64. Dress down:

65. Under duress:

66. Go dutch:

67. Scoundrel of the deepest dye:

68. Within earshot:

69. Move heaven and earth:

70. Of easy virtue:

71. Be on edge:

72. Put all one’s eggs in one basket:

73. End in smoke:

74. At the end of one’s tether:

75. An eye for an eye:

76. Give someone a black eye:

77. Have an eye for:

78. Pull a long face:

79. Face the music:

80. Fly in the face of:

81. Fall flat:

82. Fall through:

83. A passing fancy:

84. Few and far between:

85. To be fed up with:

86. Put out feelers:

87. Play second fiddle to:

88. Cut a sorry figure:

89. Twist some one round one’s fingers:

90. Play with fire:

91. Flash in the pan:

92. Demand one’s pound of flesh:

93. Flog a dead horse:

94. Swim with the flowing tide:

95. Return to the fold:

96. Put one’s foot down:

97. Put frills:

98. In full swing:

99. Out of the frying pan into the fire:

100. Gain time:

and many more idioms & phrases for you.

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