TELECOMMUNICATION: Communication Skills

You must be aware that in modern competitive world, communication skills stand next to none. The most important selection criterion today is communication skill. Better communication skill would mean better job. Communication is basically of the following three types :-

1. Written communication ( letter, application, email, sms )

2. Gesture communication (body language )

3. Oral communication ( with machine, without machine )

Telecommunication is an oral communication with machine; the machine here is a phone. Telecommunication is basically of the following two types :-

1) One to one

2) One to group or group to one

Effective telecommunication brings out results. Some of the points to be remembered for “effective telecommunication” are :-

1) Time of communication

2) Duration

3) Tone

4) Avoiding repetition

5) Soft words

6) No bad words/abuses

7) Smiling face

An example is being cited here which can help you in telephoning an institute for admission :-

You have just visited You want to get more information. How will you proceed? Dial the number 94180-81809 or 098822-81809 and after you hear hello, proceed as below after you wish good morning/good evening/good after noon depending on the time :-

1. Is this 94180-81809 /98822-81809?

2. Could I speak to Mr. Vashistha please?

3. Sir, I just visited your website. I would like to know about your academy.

4. What are the courses offered?

5. Please tell me about the Advanced spoken English course.

6. What is the fees?

7. What is the mode of payment?

8. What is the syllabus?

9. How much time would it take for me to learn English?

10. Who are the faculty members?

11. What is the method of teaching?

12. May I know your qualification please?

13. Is this a certificate course?

14. What is your support system?

15. What is the admission procedure?

Thank you sir

This is a simple example of effective telecommunication.

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