Errors in the use of prepositions

Prepositions are special words which are placed before nouns or objects in such a way that the words in the sentence get connected through a relation. So, proper knowledge of the use of prepositions is very important in English. Observe the following sentences and do look at the underlined words which are prepositions.

1. I came from Delhi to Bilaspur by bus.

2. Did you apply to the bank manager?

3. I shall do this work for you.

4. He came from Mandi.

5. The colour of this wall is white.

6. I went to bus stand to see off him.

7. Ram will go with me.

8. I can do this work without you.

9. Parents are respected by their children.

10. Put this pen in the box.

11. He threw the ball into the well.

12. Can you do this work within 2 days?

13. Ram complained against Mohan.

14. He sleeps towards the east.

15. He was surprised at my success.

16. Keep the book on the table.

17. The cat jumped upon the table.

18. He walked about the market.

19. Don’t worry about me.

Following examples will show you the correct use of Prepositions.

Examples :-

S.No. Incorrect Sentence Correct Sentence
1. He was late for two years. He was late by two years.
2. He took advantage from your mistake. He took advantage of your mistake.
3. He is an authority for painting. He is an authority on painting.
4. I pray for God daily. I pray to God daily.
5. Refrain to tell lies. Refrain from telling lies.
6. There is enmity among Ram and Mohan. There is enmity between Ram and Mohan.
7. She has no liking to films. She has no liking for films.
8. He is debarred to contest. He is debarred from contesting.
9. What are you busy at? What are you busy with?
10. I called at you yesterday. I called on you yesterday.
11. He turned a deaf ear for me. He turned a deaf ear to me.
12. He is blind in one eye. He is blind of one eye.
13. He avoids to meet you. He avoids meeting you.
14. I agree to you. I agree with you.
15. Listen the speaker. Listen to the speaker.
16. Write me as early as possible. Write to me as early as possible.
17. The patient died from T.B. The patient died of T.B.
18. He congratulated me for my victory. He congratulated me on my victory.
19. I ordered for tea and toasts. I ordered tea and toasts.
20. I have little affection to this boy. I have little affection for this boy.

This was just a small overview of use of prepositions in speech on daily basis.

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