Active Voice & Passive Voice

Active Voice :- When the subject does the work directly, it is called an active voice.

e.g. Mohan plays football.

Passive Voice :- When the work is said to be done by the subject, it is called a passive voice.

e.g. Football is played by Mohan.


1. To understand newspaper headlines.

2. For official report writing.

3. For all legal works.


General Rules:-

1. In the passive voice, only third form of the verb is used.

2. Subject and object are interchanged.

3. “by” is used before the subject.

4. The helping verbs of the “passive voice” depend on the tense of the active voice and the object of the active voice.

Example :-

Mohan plays football. [ACTIVE VOICE]
(subject) (verb) (object)

Football is played (verb 3rd form) by Mohan [PASSIVE VOICE]

Passive voice is not possible in case of following 4 tenses :-

1. Future Continuous Tense

2. Present Perfect Continuous Tense

3. Past Perfect Continuous Tense

4. Future Perfect Continuous Tense

Present Indefinite He learns English English is learnt by him.
Past Indefinite He learnt English. English was learnt by him.
Future Indefinite He will learn English. English will be learnt by him.
Present Continuous He is learning English. English is being learnt by him.
Past Continuous He was learning English. English was being learnt by him.
Future Continuous He will be learning English. No Passive Voice
Present Perfect He has learnt English. English has been learnt by him.
Past Perfect He had learnt English. English had been learnt by him.
Future Perfect He will have learnt English. English will have been learnt by him.
Present Perfect Continuous He has been learning English since Monday. No Passive Voice
Past Perfect Continuous He had been learning English since Monday. No Passive Voice
Future Perfect Continuous He will have been learning English since Monday. No Passive Voice

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