Tenses : Base Of The Grammar

The basic grammar begins with Tenses. Tense means time. Basically there are three tenses viz. Present, Past and Future. Each of these tenses has further four categories namely indefinite, continuous, perfect and perfect continuous.

So, in totality, we have 12 tenses. About 70 % of English grammar is tense based. This means that if you are thorough with the tenses, you are above average in English. Most of the students are scary of the rules and regulations of tense. In reality, they shouldn’t be. I firmly believe and you also would agree after enrolling for my course that learning tenses is easy. There is a technique and once you master that technique, everything will fall in line. I would like to give you a few hints here :-

Present means something that is happening now. Past means something that has already happened. Future means something that is waiting to happen.

The sub categories are equally easy to understand :-

Indefinite refers to routine work.

Continuous refers to something that is in the process.

Perfect means something that has happened.

Perfect continuous means something that has happened and is continuing to happen.

For translation, the following parameters are important.

a) Identification of tense

b) Subject ( the action taking body)

c) Object ( on which ,action is taken)

d) Other words ( words which complete the sentence; object is a part of the other words)

e) Helping verb(s)

f) Type of sentence (Affirmative, Negative, Interrogative, Negative-interrogative)

English Grammar is all about right use of tenses.

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