Fluency in English

Fluency in English is everyone’s dream. Ask any one and you get the same answer, “I can understand English but can’t speak. My flow is not good.” Fluency is a relative concept. Everybody is not equal. You may be a better speaker than someone and may not compete some one else. But that’s O.K. Have you ever heard the proverb: ROME WAS NOT BUILT IN A DAY. This means that it takes time for anything worthwhile to be accomplished. This holds true for fluency in spoken English as well. Let me explain you my unique concept.

Imagine an overflowing pond with natural continuous source of water. Imagine a field that is a bit far from the pond. Your objective is to irrigate the field. What are your options ?

1. Use a pump

2. Use a pipe

3. Use bucket

4. Dig a trench

Which is the cheapest method? Digging a trench. Isn’t it? So you start digging a trench. Do you take a scale and then dig it? No, you don’t. You just dig it and move the earth. Well, you did it. Water has started flowing through the trench to the field. You are happy. What is the quality of water you get at the end of the trench? Is it muddy? Wait for some time. The quality improves and after about one hour you will get water of the same quality as you could get in the pond. How? In the process, the dust particles have settled down.

Similar is the case with English. Don’t worry about grammatical errors. Remember you are making a trench. So, initially there will be wrong sentences just like muddy water. But over a period of time, your sentences will be as pure as the pure water. To reach there you need to know how to make that trench. I shall teach you that. Just enroll and I shall help you achieve Fluency in English. Join today our Advanced Course in written & spoken English

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