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In English, it is important to know what to speak and how to speak. What to speak refers to the content whereas how to speak denotes the tone. Hence, it is important to know the various types of sentences.

Sentences are basically of the following 5 types :-

1. Assertive

2. Interrogative

3. Imperative

4. Exclamatory

5. Optative

1) Assertive Sentence :- A sentence that denotes a statement is called an assertive sentence. It can be an affirmative or a negative sentence.

Examples :-

a) Ram is my friend.

b) He has no car.

2) Interrogative sentence :- A sentence in the form of a question is called an interrogative sentence.

Examples :-

a) Does he go to Shimla ?

b) What is your name ?

3) Imperative Sentence :- A sentence that reflects an order, an advice, a request or a command is called an imperative sentence.

Examples :-

a) Close the door.
b) Study regularly
c) Please give him some money.
d) Attack the enemy.

4) Exclamatory Sentence :- A sentence that reflects joy, sorrow, surprise or contempt is called an exclamatory sentence.

Example :-

a) Bravo! I won the match.
b) Alas! She lost her son.
c) Wow! The sight is just beautiful.
d) Fie! This soldier is afraid of death.

5) Optative Sentence :- A sentence that reflects a wish or a blessing is called an optative sentence.


a) May you live long!

b) Would that he were my friend!

c) May God bless you!

These are different forms of sentences used in general English.

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