Our Vision


Established in 1998, with a one line motto of making the students fluent in English, RKV-ASEAL has now come off age. The institute has witnessed phenomenal success. The students have always brought laurels to the institute and that is why the vision of RKV- ASEAL has never been blurred. As the sole head of this institute, I can visualize my students at the helm of affairs, claiming all coveted jobs, excelling in whatever they do and breaking all myths.

Way back in 1997, when the idea of starting an institute to impart knowledge in both written and spoken English, crossed my mind, my objective was to polish the skills of students. In 1998, when my thought was crystallized in the form of RKV-ASEAL, it was like a dream come true. My students would stand testimony to my unique teaching method which is aimed at removing fear of English, generating confidence and providing a strong base both in written and spoken English.

The institute has proved itself. Nevertheless, my incessant efforts will ensure further improvement to cater to the present and future demands of both the students and their employers.

The vision of RKV-ASEAL is clear and result oriented. Knowing it well that every aspirant can not come to me for regular coaching, a new concept has just been implemented details of which can be found under PRODUCTS. Now all a student needs a will power to go for it. The concepts have been simplified and with audio format being integral part of the distance education, my vision of reaching out to students across the globe will see the light of the day.

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