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Errors in the use of nouns

Following notes can help in combating errors in use of nouns :- 1. Following nouns are always used in the singular form :- a) Physics b) Politics c) Mathematics d) News e)

Errors in the use of verbs

Correct Use of Verbs is very important for proper sense of a speech. Verbs can be classified into following three categories :- A) Transitive Verb :- If a verb needs an object

Errors in the use of pronouns

Correct Use of Pronouns is vital for correct and meaningful speech. A word that is used instead of a noun is called a pronoun. Look at this example :- Ram is a

Errors in the use of prepositions

Prepositions are special words which are placed before nouns or objects in such a way that the words in the sentence get connected through a relation. So, proper knowledge of the use

Take Your English Knowledge TEST

Well, I have designed a test for you. You can appear in this test at no cost. This test help you evaluate your EIQ ( English Intelligence Quotient) . Some of the

Direct Speech & Indirect Speech

Also called Direct – Indirect speech, narration is an important topic in English grammar. Official report writing requires a sound knowledge of indirect speech. In précis writing also it is equally important.

Active Voice & Passive Voice

Active Voice :- When the subject does the work directly, it is called an active voice. e.g. Mohan plays football. Passive Voice :- When the work is said to be done by


You must have come across people blaming their poor Vocabulary for their low communication skills. Vocabulary building is a continuous process. A few words a day can help you build sufficient vocabulary

Sentenses Of Everyday Use

Start taking advantage of the following sentences in your daily life. I have categorized the sentences for your convenience. A) Paying obeisance 1. Good Morning. 2. Good afternoon. 3. Good evening. 4.

Idioms & Phrases

Idioms and phrases are basically group of words with a specific meaning. Each word in the group need not be understood as in totality, the meaning will be different in most of