TELECOMMUNICATION: Communication Skills

You must be aware that in modern competitive world, communication skills stand next to none. The most important selection criterion today is communication skill. Better communication skill would mean better job. Communication

Fluency in English

Fluency in English is everyone’s dream. Ask any one and you get the same answer, “I can understand English but can’t speak. My flow is not good.” Fluency is a relative concept.

Tenses : Base Of The Grammar

The basic grammar begins with Tenses. Tense means time. Basically there are three tenses viz. Present, Past and Future. Each of these tenses has further four categories namely indefinite, continuous, perfect and

About General English

In English, it is important to know what to speak and how to speak. What to speak refers to the content whereas how to speak denotes the tone. Hence, it is important

Noun – Verb – Adjective

Quite often than not, students get confused among these three basic elements of grammar. Let me keep it simple and straight. Noun is the name of a person, a place or a